Just Announced Sony Electric Car 2020

When you think of Sony, you may think of the amazing graphics on their Playstation gaming console, or the unsurpassed quality of their Vega television sets from the past. At CES 2020 Sony announced they’re bringing a new game to the world of automotive, but this one doesn’t require you to buy a controller. There’s no need to buy an […]

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Official ALL Jeep Branded Vehicles To Be Electric By 2022

Jeep has had its fair share of the limelight as of late, with the release of the Gladiator pickup truck, but this time they’ve done something that nobody saw coming. As if that wasn’t enough, Fiat-Chrysler has announced officially that ALL Jeep branded vehicles will be electric by 2022. Electric cars and SUVs are making a massive entry into the […]

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Engine Builders Competition SEMA 2018 | Hot Rodders Of Tomorrow

Ryan Hender 11/1/2018 In a world where the passion for working with your hands is being thwarted by video games both in home, and on mobile devices, Hot Rodders Of Tomorrow is making a difference.  The youth of our current generation have more to fear for their future than ever before, in the digital age, you can get nearly everything […]

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Teens Compete For Time, Tear Down And Rebuild V8 Engine

Written By: Brian Jones If you’ve ever been to SEMA you know there is a lot of bright shiny objects that catch your eye and distract you from car or product you were just looking at .3872 seconds ago. We ran into one of those shiny gems earlier this morning when we stopped by the Hot Rodders of tomorrow booth. […]

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