Review 2019 Volkswagen Atlas V6 SE 3.6l 4Motion

2019 Volkswagen Atlas V6 SE 3.6l 4Motion First Look

Written By: Lucas Ashburn

When you think of VW what do is the first thing that comes to mind? For me it’s the slug bug (hit someone sitting across from you). In actuality I think of smaller cars with good gas mileage and a fairly unique fan base, unique in the sense most people that buy a VW seem to buy more than one during their lifetime.

When it came to bringing their first 7 seater to market, Volkswagen wanted some of the luxurious styling of their big brother(s) Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini… without the big sticker shock which is something VW has been able to provide for its clientele. And let me make it very clear, this vehicle does not have NEAR the stylish nature or speed of its brothers that I just mentioned, but as a less expensive little brother to the luxury lineups listed above, I feel they did a decent job representing the brand.

Now, VW hasn’t been known for being in the mid-sized SUV circle but in 2007 they jumped into the ring with the Tiguan. The Tiguan came standard with two row seating and a transverse mounted four-cylinder engine. By mounting the engine transversely, it allowed for more interior room which is important for a smaller vehicle such as the Tiguan lineup. The Tiguan was well received, but there was still a demand for a larger model from the Volkswagen fanbase, especially in the U.S. market.

Fast forward a few years and VW has thrown their hat back in the ring bringing people a larger more comfortable mid-sized three row crossover SUV called the Atlas. You’d think with a name like “Atlas” you’d be able to tow the earth or entire solar system with it…hmmm this version doesn’t have that ability but it does have some really nice features for a very reasonable price point.

We test drove the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas SUV, but the incoming 2020 Atlas model comes in a number of different packages for all price ranges. The S: $32,000 (est.), SE: $36,000 (est.), SEL: $42,000 (est.), SEL R-Line: $45,000 (est.), SEL Premium: $47,000 (est.), SEL Premium R-Line: $50,000 (est.). The four cylinder Atlas Cross Sport comes with an EPA gas rating of 21 MPG city with 24 on the highway, the V-6 has sips a little more gas due to the AWD and MPG is closer to 20/23 city vs highway.

I see more buyers opting for the V-6 276 pony driven all-wheel drive compared to the turbo 4 that gives 235 horsepower. In a vehicle of its size, you really need a little bit more power to feel you’re actually going anywhere. For someone a little more budget conscious, you may opt for the smaller 4 cyl. option as it would offer better fuel economy.

This vehicle has a massive amount of space for the family or even cargo for those longer trips allowing you to have 21 feet of cubic cargo space and a towing capacity of 5000 LBS. The interior is setup nicely, it has a well designed infotainment center that allows you have everything in your reach without sacrificing style. With everything this Sport Utility Vehicle comes with across the board it’s hard to estimate what type of dent they’ll make in their class, Honda Pilot, Subaru Ascent and even the Ford Explorer have seemed to offer their customers something similar for years. Tell us what you think below, we would love to hear your feedback.

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