2020 Hyundai Palisade Top 5 Things We Love


Written By: Ryan Hender

Top 5 Things We Love About The 2020 Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai is thrusting themselves into the mainstream in a big way with their introduction of the all new Palisade 8 seater Sport Utility for the 2020 model year. So much, that they’ve had a hard time keeping their cars on the lot. 

We’ve had a hard time getting our hands on the new SUV, but we finally got one and took it for a test drive. 

At first glance, you may not recognize the origins of the newest addition to the Hyundai lineup, but the Palisade is replacing the outgoing Santa Fe as their Flagship crossover. 

Hyundai has a diverse portfolio of vehicles that are becoming more commonplace as they catch up in terms of reliability and style. When Hyundai was first hitting the U.S. market, they were known as a more affordable compromise for those seeking out comparable vehicles from manufacturers such as Honda, and Toyota.

What most consumers don’t realize is that combined with Hyundai, it’s sister company Kia Motors makes up the fastest car brand in the world. A silent but deadly manufacturing pair are coming into the game swinging. 

Ahead of the competition in terms of warranty, Hyundai comes with a standard 5 year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, and 10 year 100,000 powertrain warranty. They were first to market with such a warranty that has led them to steal some marketshare away from the competition. 

The Palisade is a great addition to their lineup, and it ushers in the new decade in such a way that you’re not sad to leave the older models behind. 

Driver Usability: 

The cabin is much larger than one would realize, with plenty of legroom in the cockpit and passenger seat, even with the seats forward. During our test drive, we had 3 people driving the vehicle, ranging from 6’2 large man, all the way down to 5’6” large man, and nobody complained of legroom. Driver comfort was of the utmost importance in the design of the vehicle which is apparent in the layout of the instrumentation and the gauges. The infotainment is in the center of the stack with a touch screen. The one we test drove did not include the larger 10” touch screen, and after driving the Kia Telluride, I sort of wish we had gotten the Limited trim version of the Palisade, as it would have had the larger screen. I didn’t know how much I really loved the larger screen until I had the smaller one at my fingertips. 

The buttons are laid out nicely, with plenty of room to make your selection without having to fumble around trying to find the right button or knob. 


The Palisade is including a lot of standard features that used to only be found in more expensive vehicles. 

Lane-Keep-Assist is one such feature, that beeps at you, and brings the car back into the lane should you veer slightly outside the painted lines. 

Forward-Collision-Avoidance is a system that will do the same thing as Lane-Keep-Assist, but with traffic in front of you. You will hear an audible noise, along with a vibration to alert you in the case of an avoidable collision which will allow you enough time to react.

Adaptive Cruise-Control Also a standard feature at all trim levels, yes even the $32k version. “Set it and forget it”, well, almost. Once your cruise is engaged, the vehicle will keep your speed in accordance with the cars in front of you. If someone cuts you off, or if someone slows down in front of you, the car automatically responds by slowing down your vehicle. As soon as traffic picks up the pace again, the cruise will speed up your car until you match the speed ahead of you, or if you hit the limit you set for your cruise speed, whichever comes first. 

Fuel Economy

One thing we are always worried about as we’re hauling our kiddos around is the fuel economy. How does this one stack up? For a 3.8-liter V6 it’s not too bad! The front wheel drive Palisade gets 19mpg in stop and go traffic, and 26 on the highway. It’s AWD big sister loses a little in the highway which brings it to 24mpg, but in stop and go traffic maintains the 19mpg. This is pretty comparable to a minivan of similar size and capability, but obviously not as good as a smaller 4cyl car. 

The 3.8-liter V6 makes 291 horsepower which really is pretty decent considering that, especially when comparing to the Santa Fe from 10 years ago had a meager 176 horsepower. 


With all rear seats folded flat, you have a total of 86 cubic feet, which is pretty amazing, considering the 2020 Chevrolet Suburban has 121 cubic feet. With the second row in use, and just folding down the third row, you have roughly cut your overall storage capacity in half, bringing it to just 46 cubic feet. With the third row up, you again cut your storage in half. A nice touch for second row passengers, the included back seat pockets for phones, or other items are neatly hidden out of view. 

Third Row: 

The third row is really not designed for adults, that said, you probably couldn’t fit 3 adults back there, but you could certainly fit 3 kids under the age of 12 in the third row. I sat in the third row myself, and my knees did touch the back of the seat in front of me when it was adjusted all the way to the rear, but moving it even an inch forward afforded me a more comfortable ride. 

Second Row: 

The second row is perfect for adults, with maximum adjustable seats and reclining options it is definitely something I could see myself using on long road trips. With the added USB outlets throughout, there is no shortage of charging for all of your devices. 

After a test drive, we came up with the top 5 things we LOVE about the new Hyundai Palisade.

  1. Standard safety features
  2. 8 seater configuration
  3. Driver visibility
  4. Ride comfort
  5. Interior features

Overall an excellent design and execution which is derived from almost 4 decades of manufacturing, we have scored this Hyundai a 92% Blinker Fluid score. 


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