2020 Subaru WRX STI Concept, Will You Buy One?

2020 Subaru WRX STI

Written By: Lucas Ashburn

A few years ago…ok more like 12 years ago I was a young buck in the market for a new car. After owning a number of Nissan Maxima’s I decided to change things up a bit. The older Nissan’s were great, very few issues and had a very nice 3.5L engine that was like a front wheel drive rocket. As I looked around at the options out there I knew I wanted something with AWD, something fast…something that I could tinker with. I drove a number of STI’s and they were great for going up and down the mountains. The limited slip diff kept the tires glued to the ground with minimal body roll.

I was in love, I knew this was the car that I wanted…I found a black on black STI, brand new and it was exactly what I wanted, well…so I thought so. It wasn’t until I drove an EVO 8 that I realized that the cars are very similar but the Mitsubishi just felt better to drive in my opinion. Long story short I purchased the EVO and never looked back. Nothing against the STI at all, I am a bigger guy and the smaller driver cockpit felt like I was wearing a suit that was 4 sizes too small for me.

In 2008 Subaru came out with the Third generation of WRX/STI which was a 5 door hatchback that was kind of intriguing but also slightly ugly, basically this car was me in High School. 2008 subaru impreza wrx stiJust like me, I had a new body but for some reason I was slower and less attractive.

The American version came with a EJ257 engine with a single scroll turbo, in fact the drifting/street racing/rally community was pretty much up in arms at the fact that they were given a new car that didn’t meet the standards of the previous generations. We have seen the same thing happen this year with the release of the new Toyota Supra, either people love it or hate it. Actually from the online forums that I am in the new Supra may cause a civil war between the old head MKVI lovers and the new A90.

2020 Subaru WRX STIWith 2019 is about to end and the WRX/STI lineup could be getting another makeover, but this time it looks like they have possibly gotten it correct. Back in 2018 Viziv Performance unveiled a Subaru WRX STI Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, which could be the future look for the next generation of these AWD tuner cars. Talk around the auto world was this car would be introduced sometime in 2020. Not a lot is known about the engine, there is a lot of speculation from top to bottom about the vehicle itself. You’d guess they would stay in the 2.0-2.5L single turbo arena, with as many companies making aftermarket parts for this car in the past you’d think they’ll keep it somewhat simple knowing you’ll be doing modifications on your own. As you can see there are a lot of nice touches done to the outside including a lot, I mean A LOT of Carbon Fiber.

The hood, wheel wells, around the tail pipers…pretty much anywhere you’d like to try and save weight they have tried with this generation of car. Yes, I love a lot of car types but seeing a new “Tuner” car come out really gets me excited to see what can happen for the future of the guys like me that want to take our car to the shop, have a COBB Tuning ECU swipe, throw on some Whiteline components and have a completely new adrenaline rush machine (AKA 600 HP AWD toy) to run around the track. I am very excited to take this beauty for a test drive if/when they come out. Tell us what you think, do you think this is an upgrade from the current STI on the market or a downgrade? Leave us a comment down below with your thoughts.

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