2021 Mustang Cobra Dragonsnake Concept Old vs New


Written By: Lucas Ashburn

The 1963 Dragon Snake was kind of a trend setter not only for Shelby but for all car companies around. It was a naturally aspirated 271 BHP/314 FT of torque ¼ mile beast of its time! It had Wishbone/Coil Springs with Dampers, a 4 speed Manual tranny with a top speed of 135 MPH and went 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, yes…you read that correct. By today’s standards that isn’t extremely fast but back in 1963…but back in the day it was a rocket without wings. The car itself was limited in production, Shelby only made eight Dragonsnakes and is considered to be the winningest competition Cobra in drag history.


Fast forward to today… (Insert futuristic movie sounds)

The brand new Dragon Snake which was introduced at SEMA 2019, and just like it’s older brother it was made to chew up opponents on the race track a quarter of a mile at a time. This machine isn’t made to just chew up the competition, it’s really made to embarrass them…more along the lines of you are sitting in your 7th grade PE class back in the day and the school bully pulls your pants down in front of the entire class which includes the girl you have a major crush on, YUP that kind of embarrassed. This concept car has a Supercharged 5.2 liter V-8 and speculation of excess of 800 ponies making those sweet tires churp as the light turns green, as you slam your foot down on the gas pedal you hit 60 MPH in 3.3 seconds and a quarter mile around 10.5… this is the point in your life when you realize you’ve not turned the tables and became that 7th grade bully.

This car has a lot of features and parts to keep it lightweight, new aluminum forged wheels, Carbon fiber race style spoiler along with a CF hood along with using a thinner glass all in an attempt to save a few LBS. The most noticeable and unique feature has to be the wing on the back of the car, without seeing the pictures it is not your typical wing by any means. 2021 Mustang Cobra Dragonsnake Release DateIt is designed to keep downforce on the rear end making the car stick to the ground like bubblegum on a hot sunny day. The badging of the car looks really nice, nothing too risky but not boring like you’ll see on some concept cars. All in all it’s always nice to see a car company bring back something from the past into the future, although the only similarities between the 60’s version and this one is they are built for the track, and built by the masterminds at Shelby.

2021 Mustang Cobra Dragonsnake Release Date

You may ask yourself “When can I buy one?” well….again this is a concept but they have been taking into account public interest on making this a production time car. You never know…one day in the near future you could see a matchup between the Demon and the Dragonsnake in a YouTube video. Who do you think would win in this mighty dual of ¼ mile death? Or a possible matchup against the Shelby Super Snake Sport Ford F-150….time shall tell my friends! Stay thirsty, stay wise and as always…make sure you check your Blinker Fluid!

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