2021 Maxda RX-9 Concept VS Reality

2021 Mazda RX-9 release date

2021 Mazda RX-9 release dateWritten By: Lucas Ashburn

The car industry has undergone a bit of a car Jurassic Park type of movie theme over the last two years. It’s felt like the mad scientist John Hammond is back in the laboratory taking the DNA out of cars instead of dinosaurs. Auto manufacturers are resurrecting cars from the past that were not only iconic, but cars that people really loved. When a company takes a car out of production it can be something traumatic for the fans who drool over such a vehicle. When Nissan stopped making the 300ZX in the 90’s I was in shock and a bit heart broken. As a kid, that was one of my favorite cars of all time. It is also one of the reasons I am still in therapy, I said one…not the ONLY reason.

2021 Mazda RX-9 release dateFor example, take the 90’s RX-7 and the Rotary engine. They have been that happy little couple that has been around forever, you know like the older couple that live at the end of the block for the last 30 years. Back in the day the Rotary engine was a perfect solution and setup for a car that doesn’t have a lot of extra room under the hood. The old versions were very popular in this vehicle because you are somewhat limited on space, the rev l capability is insane and they are extremely lightweight. This engine also had some drawbacks…maintenance/repairs can be costly and would chug oil and gas like Andre the Giant would slam a barrel of beer (anybody wanna peanut?). In 2001 the RX-8 came out, but in all honesty what is there to say about this red headed step child that was kind of a flop when it comes to looks and performance, now there are fans of this Mazda out there, I am hoping all three of those fans do not read this article. Now where was I….I guess let just stick with the RX-7 & RX-9 and forget about the other version, sound good? I thought so. Hopefully no gingers in BFTV world are upset that I compared you to a hideous car.

2021 Mazda RX-9 release dateThe new RX-9 has a 16X Two Rotary Engine took roughly 8 years and 50 engineers to develop. Mazda swapped out the iron end plates for aluminum to help lighten the car up a bit, made it direct fuel injected, and tossed on a turbo. The word around town is this car can produce roughly 400 get up and go ponies, which isn’t bad considering the A90 BMWpra (Supra) is claiming 340 HP and expected to be in the same price range. Mazda is also hiding this new power plant behind a double-wish bone suspension and front axle not only to save space while giving the car better handles than me…which is honestly impressive! The new RX comes with a manual transmission for all you mega drifters out there, sadly Mazda gave in and created a standard transmission so both ladies and millennials can drive this car as well. I can just feel my insurance rates going up as I type out the rest of this sentence.

2021 Mazda RX-9 release dateThe car astatically looks really nice, I mean…for what it is. When I hear there is going to be a class tuner rebirth I get a little sick to my stomach. But, from what I see…the car looks really nice. From the front and sides you get a Jaguar F-Type feeling, and as you walk around the back you see the wheel wells swell up over the massive rear tires. The back end comes together fairly well, I would hope Mazda comes out with a dual exhaust upgrade package to give the car a more balanced and aggressive look from behind. One thing I like, and also kind of dislike at the same time is the fact it looks nothing like the 90’s version, I am kind of torn on if it’s a like or not. For example the new A90 Supra has some of the classic curves of their older brother….with new RX you do not get that feeling what so ever. For the old school RX lovers out there I’m not sure how they’ll feel about it.

2021 Mazda RX-9 release dateWith that said…I could be completely wrong in my thought process, I’ll have to bring it up to my therapist next week during my session. Then again with a starting price tag expected to be right around $50,000 dollars you can expect this car is going to have a lot people interested in this car that is slated to be released late 2020.  I am very excited to take this car for a test drive when it comes out later this year, I will give y’all an update!  Well, that is my time folks…let us know what you think in the comments below, don’t forget to subscribe, like, love and as always remember to check your Blinker Fluid!

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