About Us


Our Approach

We are just a few guys that love geeking out on all things that have an engine. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, and everything in between. We love finding those unique cars, and exploring what makes them different and unique. We love to mess around and tease each other playing practical jokes on each other, so if you want to laugh along with us, or even if you just want to laugh at us, please follow along.

Meet the Team

Life is too short to not have a little of fun, so we hang out, meet some incredible people, and drive awesome cars.

We love cars and everything about them, we even have our own brand of Blinker Fluid coming out soon.


Ryan Hender


Ryan loves muscle cars, both classics and modern muscle. Ryan doesn't discriminate, as long as it won't steal his lunch money he's good to go.

brian jones headshot

Brian Jones


Brian loves Ferrari, Porsche, and all things exotic. Mostly, cars that he wishes he could afford.

lucas ashburn headshot

Lucas Ashburn


Lucas loves his tuners, from Datsun, Honda, Subaru, and everything else that was never designed to go fast. He hangs out with us because his music career never took off in the 1990s.