Chevrolet Blazer Making A Come Back

2020 chevrolet blazer

Written by: Brian Jones The Chevy Blazer used to be known for its ability to take you and a friend off-road in the desert, seeing how fast you can drive on a dirt road in a straight line. It was 2-door and not designed for taking your family on a road trip to Disneyland. The K5 Blazer was discontinued in […]

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Review 2019 Volkswagen Atlas V6 SE 3.6l 4Motion

2019 Volkswagen Atlas V6 SE 3.6l 4Motion First Look

Written By: Lucas Ashburn When you think of VW what do is the first thing that comes to mind? For me it’s the slug bug (hit someone sitting across from you). In actuality I think of smaller cars with good gas mileage and a fairly unique fan base, unique in the sense most people that buy a VW seem to […]

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Everything You Need To Know about the 2020 Kia Telluride

Families with two or more children may want to consider the Kia Telluride for their next family sport utility vehicle. In a market segment comparing to the Honda Pilot, Volkswagen Atlas, and the Ford Explorer, the Telluride is a great affordable option. Kia started selling vehicles in the US in 1992, but in the first decade of the company’s presence […]

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Tesla Cybertruck Revealed, First Look

Tesla really hit this one out of the park, but not the park in your neighborhood. More like the park on a distant planet you saw once in an alien flick. The new Tesla Cybertruck looks like something Elon once saw after landing on Mars. When we saw the video for the first time, we were certain that it was […]

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What We Know About The Tesla Cyber Truck

What We Know About The Tesla Cyber Truck   Ford teased a new electric truck prototype towing a train just weeks ago, certainly purposefully just before the official unveiling of the new Tesla Truck, lovingly referred to as the CyberTruck. Elon has said that the truck will have a base price of about $49,999 or lower, but to start, the […]

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Electric Ford Mustang SUV Takes On Tesla Model Y

Make no mistake about it, the fact that Ford dubbed their new crossover the Mustang Mach-E was no accident. You can count on it that Mustang purists are rolling their eyes over it and threatening to move to Canada. But don’t shoot the messenger just yet. Ford has been known for innovation since their meager beginning back in the dawn […]

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Is The 2020 Jeep Gladiator a Truck Killer?

Written By: Brian Jones Jeep enthusiasts who love the capability of Jeeps for off-road but need the versatility of a bed have been waiting patiently for Jeep to develop a truck. Their wish was granted when the Jeep Gladiator was introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2018 and first customer deliveries commenced in spring 2019. The Gladiator […]

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Finally The Perfect Ford Truck, The All New F250 Tremor Performance Package

Move over Raptor, the new and improved F250 is coming for your spot atop the performance ladder. Announcing a new little brother to the beloved Supercharged Raptor pickup, the F250 Tremor. If you’re looking for an all out performance machine, with extreme off-road capabilities, the Tremor may be the right pickup for you. Coming into the 2020 model year, Ford […]

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Teens Compete For Time, Tear Down And Rebuild V8 Engine

Written By: Brian Jones If you’ve ever been to SEMA you know there is a lot of bright shiny objects that catch your eye and distract you from car or product you were just looking at .3872 seconds ago. We ran into one of those shiny gems earlier this morning when we stopped by the Hot Rodders of tomorrow booth. […]

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