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2021 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup

2021 hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck

Hyundai…Hyundai…Hyundai, they are everywhere these days. Almost 5 years ago this manufacture introduced a concept Truck at the 2015 North American International Auto Show.  And guess what happened? People liked it, I mean…liked it A LOT so the South Korean manufacture announced the concept is taking form and going into full production in late 2020. The concept itself is 4-seater […]

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Engine Builders Competition SEMA 2018 | Hot Rodders Of Tomorrow

Ryan Hender 11/1/2018 In a world where the passion for working with your hands is being thwarted by video games both in home, and on mobile devices, Hot Rodders Of Tomorrow is making a difference.  The youth of our current generation have more to fear for their future than ever before, in the digital age, you can get nearly everything […]

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Winged Sprint Car #11 Knocked Out With Just 6 Laps Left

sprint car crash rocky mountain raceway salt lake city utah

Saturday was a drama filled day at Rocky Mountain Raceway. It was a quiet morning at the race track, that was until a bunch of drivers got word that the tires they’d brought with them would not pass inspection for the night’s race. Several racers gathered around to give the officials an ear full in objection of the last minute […]

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