Chevrolet Blazer Making A Come Back

2020 chevrolet blazer

Written by: Brian Jones

1984 chevrolet blazerThe Chevy Blazer used to be known for its ability to take you and a friend off-road in the desert, seeing how fast you can drive on a dirt road in a straight line. It was 2-door and not designed for taking your family on a road trip to Disneyland. The K5 Blazer was discontinued in 1991 for many years but mostly because the 2-door SUV didn’t fit the mass market needs.

In 2019, after a long wait, Chevrolet reintroduced the Blazer. Although it shares the same name as it predecessor, the new iteration is quite different from the version that most of us think of in many ways.
First, the new Blazer is a four-door SUV. The addition of two doors changes the use of the SUV from a vehicle for off-road or “utility” use to one that can be used for small families. However, this SUV doesn’t compete with other SUV’s designed for families in that this is a 5-seater. Families with larger families that want a Chevy will opt for the larger Tahoe.
Second, this SUV doesn’t have the same large size as its predecessor.

The new Blazer has a smaller design that is more geared toward city use and fuel economy. The new Blazer is equipped with a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine that puts out 193 horsepower or a 3.6-liter V6 engine capable of 308 horsepower. The 4-cylinder version has fuel economy of 21 city and 27 highway mpg and the V6 achieves 19 city miles and 26 highway mpg. That type of fuel economy is significantly better than the original Blazer. The reason for this is undoubtedly tied to government requirements for auto manufacturers to achieve higher MPG.
The Blazer is available in front or all-wheel drive. Six trim levels are the L, 1LT, 2LT, 3LT, RS and Premier. The vehicle pricing starts at about $28,800 and can be equipped to about $45,600. Features available in the Blazer are similar to most other vehicles in its segment and include infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, 8-inch touch screen, navigation, panoramic sunroof, adaptive cruise control, forward automatic braking, and rear cross traffic alert.

2020 chevrolet blazerSo, how is the new Blazer a flashback to the past? It really isn’t that much except for in name only, to be honest. The vehicles are much different in size and therefore capability and use. Does this mean that the Blazer doesn’t fit in Chevy’s lineup?
Chevy’s SUV lineup includes the Trax, Equinox, Blazer, Traverse, Tahoe, and Suburban. The Trax is a small SUV that seats up to 5 and has max cargo space of 48.4 cubic feet starting at $21,300. The Equinox seats up to 5, has max cargo space of 63.9 cubic feet, tows up to 3,500 lbs., and starts at $23,800. The Blazer seats up to 5, has max cargo space of 64.2 cubic feet, tows up to 4,500 lbs., and starts at $28,800. The Traverse seats up to 8, has max cargo space of 98.2 cubic feet, tows up to 5,000 lbs., and starts at $49,000. The Tahoe is available with a 5.3 liter of 6.2 liter V8 engine, seats up to 9, has max cargo space of 94.7 cubic feet, tows up to 7,300 lbs., and starts at $49,000. And the Suburban is essentially an extended Tahoe extending the max cargo space to 121.7 cubic feet, starting at $51,700.

Where does the new Blazer fit in the lineup? It’s a mid-size 5-seater SUV. The mid-size SUV is an increasingly competitive market. General Motors trails Volkswagen and Toyota for total worldwide sales and needs to add offerings to compete and surpass their competitors. The Blazer is an additional SUV offering from Chevy with better styling, trim, and towing capacity than the Equinox but as a 5-seater fits below the Traverse, Tahoe, and Suburban in size. This SUV makes sense as an offering by Chevy, but you need to drive one to decide if it’s right for you.

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