Just Announced Sony Electric Car 2020

When you think of Sony, you may think of the amazing graphics on their Playstation gaming console, or the unsurpassed quality of their Vega television sets from the past. At CES 2020 Sony announced they’re bringing a new game to the world of automotive, but this one doesn’t require you to buy a controller. There’s no need to buy an expensive VR headset for this game, instead, you can take this one out on the road in real life.

2020 is set to be a massive year in the evolution of the car we once knew. They’re becoming more futuristic with advanced driving features that make owning a car more exciting, and driving a lot safer. You may need a napkin to wipe up your dribble, Sony’s secret is now out, enter the Sony Vision S.

The biggest thing to note in this particular design isn’t its exquisite exterior, but rather the interior. Sony is a big player in the entertainment space and that is made very clear with their choices on the inside of the new Vision S Concept Car. The gorgeous minimalistic design is complimented by the rear mounted screens that will likely play movies, and possibly video games. The electric car appears to be centered around the idea of entertainment whilst driving. Sony boasts a 360 sound system that is of unmatched quality, and they had help. Sony is known to make some excellent products in the audio visual space. The car is packed with sensors and technology to assist in the driving experience.

The exterior looks like  Porsche 911 and a Mustang Mach E electric car had a baby. A sleek design with a bold hood that looks like it wants to rip your shirt off as it drives by. Like many recently released electrics, the new Sony car has a glass roof that allows a whole new driving experience, that may accentuate the design choices while cruising down the road.

Technically Sony did not announce a release date, nor did they even claim to ever mass produce this concept, but why would they show it to us if they didn’t intend on doing something significant? Would YOU buy one?