Nissan Is Making A New Z, Change My Mind

nissan Z concept car

Written By: Lucas Ashburn

Nissan Z Concept

It is that time of year…MORE concepts. Which is always something you have to take with a grain of salt. Big car manufactures whisper to the media about a beloved car that “may” come out on a certain month/year and the interwebs erupt with speculation. Go into any forum and you’ll see an Old Head fighting with a 24 year old on why the original car was better in comparison. Just as a reminder…this is an argument over a car that isn’t in production and is currently being dreamt up by an auto engineer during his REM cycle. It is all opinions… and you know what they say about opinions.

2021 nissan Z concept car In 2021 Nissan “may” introduce the world to a new Z, in fact possibly the 400Z. Now why does this matter to either you or me? Just an average consumer who has a family, kids, and a yard with a white picket fence? Well…main reason is we looooooooooooooove speed and new shiny objects that make us forget about the family, kids, and fence. Over the years Nissan has done a great job one-upping itself when they create a new generation of Z. 280 Z was an upgrade from the 240Z…the 300ZX was not only an upgrade from the 280Z but this is where Nissan started to carve out the direction the next generation of Z’s lineup would be trending. The 300ZX (Fairlady) in my opinion is probably one of the sexiest cars of its generation sitting up there with the likes of the Supra MKVI and Mazda RX-7. All three were amazing 90’s cars that were rear wheel drive, amazing styling, creating ridiculous horse ponies and gave owners of these magnificent machines the ability to help local law enforcement agents cut down on paper consumption from writing tickets.

There is a lot of speculation on this new 400Z. The 350Z had a 3.5 L V6 (306 HP), the 370Z has a 3.7 L V6 (350 HP) both made by Nissan. The 400Z has a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the engine, it sounds like they are in talks with Mercedes to create a 3.0 twin turbo model which could put out close to 400 ponies stock which isn’t bad at all, obviously with a few tweaks you could have a 25% increase in those numbers. If this rumor is true with Mercedes building the engines you have to kind of wonder what is bringing companies like Toyota and now Nissan to the brink of having German car companies build engines for two incredibly iconic Japanese street legal race cars. If you thought the Supra forums were bad about the A90, just wait until Benz has their power plant running the new Z lineup. Oh and it gets better, there is even talk of a hybrid, yes…you read that correct. Nothing would impress your car friends more than telling them you get 48 MPG driving to the race track in your next generation of Z. Not a lot is known about the platform, shocks, if they’ll have a manual transmission available or other components just yet.

By the concept pictures, it actually looks FANTASTIC!!! Sleek lines, aggressive front end, fat tires and a backside like the girl at the gym that is always doing squats. You know the one you always get busted looking at as you quietly count out loud “187….188…189…190” with every curl. Now, we have love concepts but sometimes we get fooled, anyone remember the Tesla Cybertruck??? All hype for a year and when it was released people thought it was a joke at first. That is the tricky part of a concept car, there is always assumptions on what a car could or should have. We love to guess and pray to the car gods that a car we love is going to not only meet the expectations the previous model (s). As we get closer to 2021 I’m sure we’ll know more, at some point I’ll do a follow up piece and give you my thoughts, but we are excited to see some of these new auto’s come out like the 400Z. As always let us know what you think in the comments below, don’t forget to subscribe, like, love and remember to check your Blinker Fluid!

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