Teens Compete For Time, Tear Down And Rebuild V8 Engine

Written By: Brian Jones

If you’ve ever been to SEMA you know there is a lot of bright shiny objects that catch your eye and distract you from car or product you were just looking at .3872 seconds ago. We ran into one of those shiny gems earlier this morning when we stopped by the Hot Rodders of tomorrow booth. As we dove into the understanding behind this event a little more we were just blown away as you sat there and watched kids between the ages of 15-18 competing as a team in one of the most rigorous competitions we have ever seen.

These young boys and girls are pit against other teams in ultimate engine battle, they tear apart a small black Chevy engine and put it all back together in under 26 minutes, yes…you did in fact read that correct. Now we aren’t talking about just popping of the head and gasket, we are talking a complete breakdown of an entire engine down to the block. The speed of these kids are insane!!! After watching a couple of matches you can see the dedication these kids have to their craft, I’d describe it as an automotive “dance”…Riverdance not NSYNC.

Most of us at their age were trying to skip our next period of class or waiting for the next Sega NCAA game to come out, these kids are focused not only on their future but also OUR future in an ever changing auto industry. After watching kids from all across the country, I would say generations from here on out can breathe a little easier knowing these future mechanics, engineersĀ  and creative geniuses are at the helm.

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