Tesla Cybertruck Revealed, First Look

Tesla really hit this one out of the park, but not the park in your neighborhood. More like the park on a distant planet you saw once in an alien flick. The new Tesla Cybertruck looks like something Elon once saw after landing on Mars.

When we saw the video for the first time, we were certain that it was fake. Elon Musk was very clear that the truck would be something like you’d never seen before, and he was not wrong. We hung out with the Utah Tesla Club for the reveal party and watched the unveiling together. Shocking to say the least, the new truck is definitely different.


Elon brought on stage a door from a Ford truck, which he kindly dubbed “Built Fake Tough” as a man with a sledge hammer hit the door several times, destroying the Ford truck door. He then hit the Tesla Cybertruck door several times, and nothing so much as a scratch. The new Electric truck is bulletproof, or maybe more like bullet resistant. He then wanted to show the damage resistant glass, but that backfired. The same man wielding the sledge hammer moments before, threw steel balls at the windows, and each of them broke significantly, which can be expected. “Maybe you threw it too hard” Elon responded.

After the unveiling, we spoke to a number of people to get their feeling on the new truck. Many of them had actually placed orders. Of the 75ish people there, I understand that we had about 10-12 preorders.



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