What We Know About The Tesla Cyber Truck

What We Know About The Tesla Cyber Truck
Ford teased a new electric truck prototype towing a train just weeks ago, certainly purposefully just before the official unveiling of the new Tesla Truck, lovingly referred to as the CyberTruck. Elon has said that the truck will have a base price of about $49,999 or lower, but to start, the more expensive higher end versions will be the only ones going on sale. Those hoping for the lower priced truck models will have to wait about a year to get their hands on the more affordable renditions.
As of right now, nobody knows exactly what the truck looks like, with the exception being those who were involved in its production. Tesla has kept the truck’s appearance a closely guarded secret, and that has certainly created more buzz surrounding the release of the 4th vehicle to the Tesla family of automobiles.
The Tesla Truck has a lot of hype to live up to, will it do so?
Elon Musk was clear that the truck will look nothing like any other truck you’ve seen, we will bring you more content as the truck is revealed later today.

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